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So it’s been almost two years since I last posted. Much to my horror, I found that working a full time job and ambitious sports analysis blogging just don’t go hand in hand. With that in mind here are my new and improved goals for this blog; I will simply keep my ramblings to the Detroit Lions and an occasional nod to the Toronto Blue Jays, San Jose Sharks, Charlotte Hornets, Florida Gators (CFB) and the Kentucky Wildcats (CBB) my other teams of interest.

There is big news which as you all now know is very old news Jim Caldwell is no longer the head coach of the Lions. To be honest I was never a big fan of Jim Caldwell, but he did serve an important purpose. That purpose being introducing Matthew Stafford to Jim Bob Cooter. Cooter has Stafford playing the best football of his career. There were a couple of problems in my opinion with Jim Caldwell while he managed to get the Lions to look more disciplined than they did under Jim Schwartz they still played very undisciplined football. Caldwell should have let Teryl Austin go before the beginning of the 2017 season. At least Austin got them to actually get takeaways this year which was the only thing that kept a defense hampered by shoddy game calling and undisciplined penalties afloat. The problem at end of the day with Caldwell was he was unable to get the Lions to stop playing Lions football as we know it since at least 1992. I think Caldwell ultimately lost this team after the stunning last second loss to the Atlanta Falcons in week 3.

This brings us to the new sheriff in town former New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. Why is Patricia so much better than Caldwell you ask. While true that most head coaches that have come off the Bill Belichick head coaching tree have flamed out, i think this one is different. Firstly as a defensive minded coach Jim Bob Cooter has been handed the reigns to the offense. One presumes that without Jim Caldwell there to put his stamp on the offense, Cooter and Stafford can take things to the next level. Secondly Patricia should be able to bring a disciplined brand of football to the defense and finally rid the defense of its Jim Schwartz identity. Thirdly you get the feeling when you hear him talk that he isn’t just mindlessly spouting Bill Belichick’s philosophy and that he truly has a philosophy that while similar to the Patriots will be uniquely his own. Lastly as Lions fan I have to have that off-season optimism that the Lions will finally figure it out for the upcoming season.

To borrow from baseball, hopefully Matt Patricia can be Joe Torre, to Jim Caldwell’s Buck Showalter.