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Once again I would like to thank Carl D’Agostino for agreeing to be a guest blogger here on RupturedACL.

In the most recent assessment, Anthony Rome(The SPREAD.COM, 7/21/16) predicts 6 or 7 win season  for the Dolphins. He posits that much depends on how well and how fast the team learns HC Adam Gase’s system. Conversely HC Gase must learn what he can expect from his players.  Mr. Rome suggests that the offensive line must do better than the 45 sacks allowed last year. Certainly agreed, I am a little uncomfortable with that mutual adjustment. Understanding as these are pro football players with experience from other teams from which they have acquired and adjusting is part of a pro’s ability and not a matter of learning how to play the game.

ATHLON SPORTS & LIFE (7/5/16) posited that QB Ryan Tannehill” must prove he’s still worthy of franchise quarterback status.” They have the Dolphins finishing last in the AFC East. They feel that HC Adam Gase will need better players to make a run at the playoffs.

An early projection by Andrew Abramson (PALM BEACH POST, 4/15/16) reminds us that at the time this was posted it was way too early to make a qualified assessment. He predicted a 6-10 finish.

Three months ago Matt Stevens (Phin Phanatic,  4/7/16) predicted an 8-8 finish. James Walker (ESPN staff writer, 4/14/16) has the Dolphins finishing at 7-9. Robert Molnar (COVER32, 4/15/16), and Max Himmelreich (THE DEEP END, 4/15/16) have the Dolphins finishing at 5-11. John Houtz (THE PHINSIDER, SB NATION, 4/9/16) made a bold and optimistic pre-draft prediction of 10-6.

Over the last number of years, we Dolphin fans have been disappointed year after year. This year an 8-8 season would be very respectable, however the frustrating thing with the Dolphins has been they repeatedly upset a great team and then fizzle out and are humiliated by teams with losing records. GO FINS!