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To all those who are still actually reading my blog, I must apologize for my recent 6 month hiatus but life is fluid and once again I bit off far more than I could chew. Following six teams in depth was just too much and I didn’t have the time to properly follow each team the way I would have liked. With that said I plan on picking up this blog once more with a Draft analysis. However I will only be covering my Detroit Lions and my wife’s Atlanta Falcons in depth. Since I’m still more or less in the same position I was in at this time of the year with my readership. Fear not though I will be keeping tabs on on the Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins and New York Jets, with an eye on the rest of the league.
This year’s draft analysis will be done in four parts:
1.Detroit Lions
2.Atlanta Falcons
3.Highlights from the Raiders,Patriots,Dolphins, and Jets
4.Highlights from the rest of the league