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The 9-1 Arizona Cardinals go to Seattle to take on the 6-4 Seattle Seahawks. The Cardinals were the only team to beat the Seahawks at home last year. The Cardinals are coming off an important win against the Detroit Lions. This is a win that could have home field advantage implications especially if the Detroit Lions win the NFC North. The Cardinals under Drew Stanton are 3-1 their only loss to Denver, which means for all you folks keeping track that the Cardinals are just as dangerous with Stanton as with Palmer, with that said the defense with Stanton in has to kick it up a few notches and the Cardinals have risen to the occasion each time. The Seahawks are not looking like the invincible Legion of Boom of a year ago. The Seahawks come in with the third worst passing offense and the best rushing offense. Russell Wilson has a 2.8 TID while he doesn’t turn the ball over much the Seahawks average less than 200 yards a game through the air. The Seahawks average 174.2 yards per game on the ground. Marshawn Lynch aka Beast Mode averages 81.3 yards a game. Wilson is the second leading rusher on the team averaging 57.1 yards a game. The Seahawks and Cardinals play each other twice a year this means that the Cardinals know more or less what is coming, the Seahawks needed to be effective in the passing game as well because if the Cardinals can force the Seahawks to throw the ball, the Seahawks are doomed.

The Cardinals have risen to the challenge when Drew Stanton is in the game but unless Stanton is the next coming of Rich Gannon then the Cardinals had best not get to cocky and need to play like everything is on the line whether it is or isn’t. I see Drew Stanton as more of a Trent Dilfer a competent quarterback who is not being asked to win the game just not to lose it. The Cardinals defense will need to have a repeat performance similar to the one they put out against Detroit if the Cardinals hope to win this game. The Cardinals running game will have to better against the 7th ranked run defense than it did against the number two run defense a week ago, Stanton is going to need all the help he can get against the 3rd ranked pass defense.
The key matchup in this game is the Cardinals offensive line versus the Seahawks defensive line, if the Cardinals can keep the pocket clean like last week and avoid giving up any sacks than I think this Cardinals team will outlast the Seahawks in a nail biter. Arizona is a 7 point underdog on the road, I’m picking Arizona to win this outright

Final Score: Arizona Cardinals 21 Seattle Seahawks 17