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The 0-10 Oakland Raiders take on the red hot 7-3 Kansas City Chiefs in the Black Hole this week. I like the Raiders, but their pursuit to become the second team in history to go 0-16 will continue. The Raiders offense is ranked 32nd overall and their defense 17th overall. The Raiders have the worst running offense in the league and the 26th ranked passing attack. Derek Carr has a TID of 1.1 and quarterbacking corps as a whole has a TID of 0.5 this is not a winning combination in your quarterback, and a 17th ranked defense is not good enough to overcome this sort of poor offensive play. The Raiders have 2 rushing plays for more than 20 yards and only one of them from a running back and not even their starting running back. The Raiders secondary is allowing opposing quarterbacks a TID of 4. The Raiders need to create turnovers against a quarterback with a TID of 2.4 a quarterback in Alex Smith who doesn’t make many mistakes.

The Kansas City Chiefs are red hot coming off a win against the defending Super Bowl champions the Seattle Seahawks. The Chiefs need to be careful to avoid the let down that usually comes after games like this, or the Raiders will steal one from them just like the New York Jets stole one from the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 10. Jamaal Charles is a dynamic rusher who is going up against the 27th ranked run defense and should be able to run on the Raiders defense all day. The fact that no wide receiver has caught a touchdown pass for the Chiefs this season should ordinarily make one worried, but not this week and not against this defense, the Raiders are just not good enough to stop Fasano and Kelce the tight ends to try and force the receivers to step up and make a play.

The key matchup in this game is the Chiefs front seven against the Raiders offensive line. Derek Carr may be progressing but he is still a rookie and if the Raiders can’t keep a clean pocket the Chiefs are going to win this one running away. The Chiefs have a good front seven led by Tamba Hali and sport the league’s number 1 pass defense.I’m going to try and pick against the spread for the first time so if I get it wrong please correct me. The Chiefs are 7.5 point favorites in Oakland this is a bad Raiders team and this year it is rare to see a close game in prime time take the Chiefs giving 7.5.

Final Score: Kansas City Chiefs 35 Oakland Raiders 7