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The New York Giants are experiencing deja vu as they enter week 3 of the new football season at 0-2. The feeling in New York is that this is a must win for the Giants. The Giants offensive line played better against the Arizona Cardinals then they did in Detroit. With that said the Giants got thinner at wide receiver as Jerrel Jurnegen went down for the season. Victor Cruz has not played well with a number of key drops over the past two weeks he has a 43% reception ratio versus a 59.3% from a season ago. Ruben Randle needs to step up his game, he does have a 60% reception ratio but he has only gained a total of 40 yards and only 2 of those are after the catch. Preston Parker who steps up on the depth chart is playing his first meaningful games since 2011. For his career Parker has a 57.6% reception ratio but he has only one full season under his belt and I don’t know that he can step up in this offense. Corey Washington is a rookie who has chemistry with backup quarterback Ryan Nassib. These guys are going to have to step their game if the Giants are going to win. The Giants are also going to need to establish the run, they’ve only managed 134 yards on the ground through two games. Jon Beason will not be starting and his backup Mark Herzlich will be vulnerable against the pass.
The Houston Texans are also experiencing deja vu as they enter week 3 of the new football season at 2-0. There is no question that Ryan Fitzpatrick can be induced to make a mistake if you put the game on his shoulders. Arian Foster has 241 yards on the ground which is more than the entire rushing game for the Giants. Fitzpatrick has won in this league and he does have one of the best wide receivers in the game in Andre Johnson, and the Giants secondary has yet to stop their opposition’s best receiver give up large yardage plays to them. J.J. Watt is a monster on defense and he can and will disrupt the Giants offensive line. J.J. Watt can play anywhere on the defensive line and must be accounted for on every play.
The key to the game is the Giants front seven versus Arian Foster. While the Giants front seven verus the Texans offensive line is important because the Giants need to create a pass rush, if they can’t stop Arian Foster, Fitzpatrick will kill them on play action all day long.
The Giants offensive line looked more cohesive last week than they did in the opener, I think that was due more to the fact that Arizona was missing key personnel in their pass rush, than actual cohesion being developed by the offensive line. The Texans have a front four that are at least as good as the Lions. In the face of a dominant pass rush expect this Giants offensive line to look as lost as they normally do.
Final Score: Houston Texans 17 New York Giants 10