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The St. Louis Rams have lost starting quarterback Sam Bradford for the second straight season to a torn ACL. Rams coach Jeff Fisher has stated that Shaun Hill will be his starter. Even if Sam Bradford was the quarterback he wasn’t going to be expected to carry the team. The Rams are built as a run first team that will rely on their defense to put them in good field position and contain the opposing offense. The question we all have is should the Rams try to trade for Kirk Cousins or Mark Sanchez or is Shaun Hill adequate to the task.

If the Rams want Cousins or Sanchez the price to get them will be steep. Frankly the Redskins don’t want to go into the season with concussion prone Colt McCoy as their number two quarterback, and the Eagles don’t want to go into the season with untested Matt Barkley as their number two quarterback. Here is the thing the 2000 Baltimore Ravens proved you only need an adequate quarterback, a good running game and a strong defense to win a title. Trent Dilfer quarterbacked the Ravens to a Super Bowl victory with very pedestrian numbers and he only played in 11 games that year. Dilfer that year had 12 touchdowns and 11 Interceptions with a 59.8 completion percentage. His TD/INT differential was 0.5 all the Ravens asked him to do was not lose the game. The Rams had a shot at Sanchez and instead decided to sign Shaun Hill. Hill has only played in 34 games as he enters his 13th year in the league, nonetheless he has completed a remarkable 61.9% of his passes has a 4.2 Touchdown percentage on his passes a 2.4 Interception percentage for a 1.8 TID. I thought that was a good signing in the off season and while I initially thought that Rams absolutely needed to make a move for Sanchez or Cousins, after going over his numbers again I have to say Hill is really not a bad option especially since he isn’t going to be asked to take the offense on his shoulders.

The problem that Rams have  is this then, even if Hill proves adequate to the task of replacing Bradford, the Rams play in the toughest division in the NFL, the NFC West. They have to contend with Seattle, a team that trounced the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. The San Fransisco 49ers a team that has gone to the last three NFC title games. The Arizona Cardinals 10-6 a year ago and still missed the playoffs, adequate might not be enough to get the Rams into the playoffs, and adequate just might not cut it. That said don’t be surprised if the Rams finish the year at 8-8, they are that good.