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Neither Aaron Rodgers nor Sam Bradford played in last weeks pre-season opener. Both of them are scheduled to play in this week’s meeting. Both quarterbacks are coming off serious injuries Rodgers an upper body injury and Bradford a knee injury, according to Bleacher Reports Bradford will play at least the first quarter don’t expect Rodgers to play that long. Expect Matt Flynn to take the reigns from Rodgers despite Tolzien’s better numbers last week. Tolzien completed 66.6% of his passes to Flynn’s 50% and Tolziens’s average pass was for 5.4 yards more than Flynn’s. Packer receivers caught 56% of their passes and their quarterbacks posted a 0 TD/INT Differential as did the defense.
Look for Shaun Hill to step in for Sam Bradford as he looked good last week completing 71.4% of his passes with an average of 12 yards per attempt and 2 touchdowns. Rams receivers caught 61.7% of their passes, the Rams quarterbacks had a 3.0 TD/INT differential for the game while their defense posted a -1 TD/INT differential.
It seems that the Rams quarterbacks are more in sync with their receivers than the Packers quarterbacks, and the Rams defense seems more aggressive at this point in the pre-season, admittedly there are probably more players on the Rams roster who are looking to make a statement in the pre-season in hopes of making the roster on opening day than on the Packers roster.
The key matchup in this game is going to the Rams front sevens against the Packers offensive line, if the Rams can’t get any pressure on Flynn or Tolzien the Rams are going to get beat just like they did against the Saints.
Final Score: Packers 20 Rams 14