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The Dolphins have revamped their offensive line and have brought in a new general manager to change the culture in the locker room. They have gotten rid of the distractions on the offensive line and replaced them with better players. Which should held the Tannehill to Wallace connection.
The Falcons are coming off a very disappointing season and the loss of All-Pro tight end Tony Gonzalez with their receiving corps getting healthy the Falcons are hoping Matt Ryan can get them back to the playoffs.
The Dolphins offensively completed 60.1% of their passes with a 0.8 TD/INT differential the offensive line gave up 2.6 sacks a game,their receivers had a 4.8 YAC average and their runners averaged 4.12 yards a carry. The Falcons offensively completed 67.5% of their passes with a 1.3 TD/INT differential while giving up 2.75 sacks a game, their receivers had a 5.1 YAC average while their runners averaged 3.9 yards a carry. While Matt Ryan is holding onto the ball to long he isn’t turning the ball over as much as Tannehill. The Falcons have the more explosive wide receiving corps, at the same time they have an almost equal offensive line who need to give their quarterbacks more time in the pocket. Edge:Falcons
Defensively the Dolphins have allowed opposing passers to complete 59.3% of their passes with a -0.2 TD/INT differential while averaging 3.6 sacks a game, the secondary has allowed opposing receivers to compile a 6.0 YAC average while allowing an average of 4.12 yards a carry in the run game. The Falcons defensively allowed opposing passers to complete 66.1% of their passes with a TD/INT differential of 4.1. They allowed opposing receivers to compile a 5.8 YAC average and rushers an average of 4.8 yards a carry. Clearly the Dolphins have the edge defensively as the Falcons 4.1 TD/INT differential tells you this defense has a lot of holes in it unless the Falcons have made major upgrades on the defense the Falcons offense is going to have to win a shootout every week. Edge:Dolphins
The Key matchup to watch is the Falcons secondary versus the Dolphins quarterbacks, This could potentially be a very long night for the Falcons defense. The Falcons might have a major weakness exposed early on even though Ryan Tannehill will not be playing much the Dolphins backups should be able to expose the Falcons secondary.
With Matt Ryan also not playing to much tonight don’t look for the Falcons offense to be able to keep pace with the Dolphins defense.
Final Score: Dolphins 30 Falcons 14