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Jonathan Quick
The Los Angeles Kings are one win away from capturing their second Stanley Cup in three years. In my humble opinion the Stanley Cup Finals will end tomorrow night. True in the beginning I said it would be the Kings in six, but that was before the Rangers lost game one of the Finals. It appears that knocking off the Canadiens in six games has actually been a detriment to the New York Rangers then a help. It would seem that Rangers had too much time off and lost their hunger somewhere because this is a team that has let three games get away from them. If the Rangers had won in seven they would have had only one extra day on the Kings who needed seven games to beat the Blackhawks. The Rangers might still have that hunger that got them to the Finals in the first place. The Rangers haven’t scored since 14:50 in the second period of game two, I don’t think the Rangers are going to overcome their offensive woes against this Kings team that seems to make them pay for even the smallest mistake.I think the Kings are definitely the better team in this series, and as such I think they’ll wrap things up tomorrow night in game four. With that said the Kings this post-season have the penchant to allow their opponents to stick around far longer than they should. I think the Rangers can make a push in games four and five to get the series to 3-2, If that happens I think they have a chance to force game seven. Don’t get me wrong I am rooting for the Rangers to win it all. The chances of them doing so are very slim and I think it highly improbable that in the same post-season we will see two different teams come back from 3-0 series deficits to win in seven games. Sadly it won’t get to game seven although there is something strangely fascinating about a team needing the full twenty eight playoff games to win the title. The Kings have all the momentum heading into game four, look for them to capitalize on that. The Rangers don’t have what it takes to win it all this year. Rangers fans cue your 1994 chants starting now, it could be another twenty years before the Rangers make it back to the Stanley Cup Finals.