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The Los Angeles Kings have had a historic run through the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Kings are the first team to win three game sevens on the road in a single playoffs. The Kings began their historic run with a game four victory over the San Jose Sharks as they avoided elimination in the opening round of the playoffs. They continued their winning ways in the second round after jumping out to a 2-0 series lead on the Ducks, the Kings went down 3-2 and came back to beat the Ducks in their second game seven victory on the road in these playoffs. In the Western Conference Finals the Kings with a chance to put the Blackhawks way in six games found a way to turn it a third game seven series winner in Chicago. The Kings I think are tougher then anyone the Rangers faced so far including Pittsburgh and I think the Kings have the edge in this series. Here is how I see this series playing out.
Game 1 @ Los Angeles- The Kings have played in 21 games one more than the Rangers and will have had less time to rest up for the finals, I think the Kings come out sluggish in the one. Rangers 1 Kings 0
Game 2@ Los Angeles- I don’t see the Kings repeating their sluggish performance in Game 1 and the Kings will be fired up to show that they are indeed the better team. Rangers 1 Kings 1
Game 3 @ New York- Riding off their big win in Game 2 look for the Kings to follow it up with another impressive performance as they seem to be a team that thrives on the road look for the Kings to outplay the reeling Rangers. Kings 2 Rangers 1
Game 4 @ New York- Look for the resilient Rangers reeling from two straight losses at the hands of the Kings to bounce back and even the series. Kings 2 Rangers 2
Game 5 @ Los Angeles- Look for the Kings to take advantage of their home ice and to wear down the Rangers in a tough and gritty performance look for this one to be extremely low scoring a 1-0 shutout would not be a surprising result here, I don’t see the Rangers capitalizing on their game 4 performance to give them a second win in a row. Kings 3 Rangers 2
Game 6 @ New York- Look for the Kings to capitalize on their momentum from Game 5. The Rangers have played very well with their back against the wall in these playoffs, I don’t see the Rangers battling their way out of this one. Kings 4 Rangers 2
Don’t get me wrong I’m rooting for the Rangers, I just don’t think they have what it takes to knock off L.A., as far as I’m concerned the Kings taking home the Stanley Cup is just as unpalatable as the Miami Heat winning in the NBA Finals again. Go Rangers fella!