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The New York Mets are a dreadful baseball team. This is a team whose fanbase doesn’t believe in the team and hates its ownership. It isn’t even June yet and the Mets are already 5 games under .500 and in last place in the NL East with a 22-28 record. The irony is through the same 50 games last season the Mets were 21-29 riding a 4 game winning streak. As you can see the Mets were irrelevant before June last year just like they are now. There are a couple of differences between these two teams. The 2013 Mets had scored 203 runs were in fourth place and had a run differential of -35 and were 9 games out of first place. The pitching is better this year because the 2014 Mets have a -15 run differential. The 2013 offense was better because the 2014 Mets have scored 8 fewer runs to this point in the season. The 2013 Mets were 3.5 games out of third place, ironically they are still 3.5 games out of third place this year but they are also 1 game out of fourth place. The only bright spot in this comparison so far is that Mets pitching has improved.
Earlier this season the Mets had a problem on their hands at first base Lucas Duda or Ike Davis who should be the every day first baseman. The Mets eventually decided to give the job to Duda, by trading Ike Davis to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Duda and Davis have played in 45 games this season. Duda stats read 140 at bats 16 runs 33 hits 5 doubles no triples 6 home runs 20 RBI 13 walks and a .236 batting average. Davis stats read 125 at bats 19 runs 35 hits 7 doubles no triples 3 home runs 16 RBI 22 walks and a .280 batting average. Granted Duda is tied for third on the team in RBIs but statistically speaking I think Davis is the better player and his departure has hurt the Mets.
The Mets are hitting the best from the #2 and the #3 spots, with a .283 and .303 batting averages respectively. In the cleanup spot where the Mets should have one of the best hitters on the team, from that spot the Mets have a .201 batting average. The only spot where they are hitting worse than that is the #9 spot where the pitcher usually hits from with a.153 batting average. Which means that their opponents can pitch around the two and three hitters. Meanwhile their pitchers are getting hit by the middle of their opponents line up their #2,3,4 hitters are hitting .289, .298, .294 off of the Mets. Suggesting that despite superior pitching this year their pitching staff still needs work.
The Mets on the road are a .500 team at 11-11, but at home they are just horrendous, with an 11-17 record there. Just to show how poorly they play at Citi Field, on the road the Mets have scored 109 runs at home they have scored 86. In every category imaginable the Mets are a better away team then home team. The Mets have not had a winning record at home since Citi Field opened and with this team don’t look for that to reverse itself. If the Mets continue to play the way they have a 70-92 finish is a very real possibility.