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For the last couple of seasons experts have been predicting that the Blue Jays have a shot at the post season. The Blue Jays have not been to the post season since 1993 when they won the second of their back to back World Series wins. Despite once again having a at least on paper a roster that should contend for a playoff spot the Blue Jays are stuck in third place in relatively weak AL East. The Blue Jays on the upside are contending for the AL East crown being only a .5 games behind the Orioles and one back of the Yankees in the loss column. If the Blue Jays are going to remain in contention the Blue Jays need to get better at home. Currently the Blue Jays are in Boston to face a weakened Red Sox team and should hopefully at least maintain their position in the early goings of the AL East race. At home the Blue Jays are 10-11 with a .260 BA .320 OBP and a .486 SLG with 113 runs. Offensively the Blue Jays are doing better at home than they are on the road. It is their pitching at home that is killing them and even that isn’t quite so bad except for one statistic. The Jays have walked 85 batters at home and struck out 176 which is not so bad compared to the 94 walks they have issued on the road. But here is the statistic that kills they have an ERA of 5.00. The Jays need to bring their home ERA down, because the Jays are not much better on the road with a 14-11 record a .249 BA a .329 OBP and .404 SLG with 109 runs, as well as having issued 94 walks struck out 175 and have an ERA of 3.82 either this team will need to become extraordinary on the road or get better at home if the Blue Jays want to be in the race for the AL East title come September because if they keep playing this sort of ball they will finish at best third in the division and miss the playoffs for the 21st year in a row. Go Jays fella!