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I know this is a bit late as the Conference Finals are upon us. The Sharks blew it again. Yes that is correct the Sharks failed yet again to reach the Stanley Cup Finals. It is great that for the ninth year in a row the Sharks have the playoffs. What is even better in their 23 year history they have made the playoffs a total of 17 times since the franchise began in the 1991 season. That means that for 73.1 percent of the franchise’s history the Sharks have made it to the playoffs. I don’t think many franchises can boast of such a number.With that said now it can be understood why Sharks fans are frustrated with this team. In 17 playoff appearances the Sharks have gone to the Stanley Cup Finals a whopping 0 times. They have also only made to the Western Conference Finals three times that is on average the Sharks make it to the finals 17.6 percent of the time. The Sharks have made it into the second round eight times that is an average of 47%. The Sharks have made a first round exit including this year 6 times that is an average of 35.3%. Knowing that the odds didn’t favor the Sharks didn’t temper expectations when the Sharks met the Kings in the first round of this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs. Shark fans were excited and expectations were up as the Sharks took a commanding 3-0 series lead on the Kings. In Game 4 with a chance to close the series early the Kings doubled up the Sharks 6-3. After that it wasn’t even close as the Sharks in a monumental meltdown much the like the Yankees meltdown against the Red Sox was of epic proportions as the Kings outscored the Sharks in the final 4 games of the series 18-5 as the Kings became only the 5th team in history to win a series after going down 3-0. What this team needs to do going forward to bring a Stanley Cup to San Jose, I couldn’t tell you. I will say this time is running out for stars like Patrick Marleau and Joe Thornton to win a cup, and Sharks fans patience with GM Doug Wilson, and Head Coach Todd McLellan are starting to wear thin. If this rash of bad luck in the playoffs continue look for a coaching change soon, just like Ron Wilson before him.