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San Diego Padres v Miami Marlins
Through 39 games the Marlins sit 2 games out of first place in the NL East,not only that they have a winning record through 39 games although tonight’s game against the Dodgers will probably drop them to .500 record. How the Marlins got there is really a tale of two teams. The Marlins at home have the best record in MLB at 17-5. At Home the Marlins have 730 at-bats and 216 hits that is a team .296 batting average. The Marlins have scored 125 runs have 47 doubles 6 triples 21 home runs and 120 RBI. They have an on base percentage of .364 and a slugging percentage of .463. The Marlins are averaging 5.7 runs a game at home. At home the Marlins have a winning percentage of .773 they are 5 of 7 in save opportunities that is a save rate of 71.4%. They have given up 53 walks and have 172 strikeouts they have a team ERA of 2.61. These are very good numbers if they keep these numbers up the Marlins should end the season with a 63-18 home record that would be a .777 winning percentage.
The problem with the Marlins lies in their Away games. They have the worst record in MLB 3-14. Possibly 3-15 after tonight. The Marlins on the road have 580 at-bats and 124 hits for a .214 batting average. The Marlins have only scored 48 runs on the road that is an average of 2.8 runs a game. The Marlins have 19 doubles 2 triples and 18 home runs and a .280 OBP. The Marlins on the road have an ERA of 5.14 a winning percentage of .177 and they are 3 for 6 in save opportunities for a save rate of 50%. These are terrible numbers and if the trend continues they would go 14-67 that would be a .173 winning percentage. At this rate the Marlins will finish with a final record of 77-85.
The Marlins at home are better then they are on the road by double in every significant category. Unless this team can get hot on the road a last place finish is not an entirely absurd expectation. The Marlins are not a bad team but at this point in the season are too streaky and most likely will not be able to catch Atlanta or Washington.