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This will be the final Pre-Draft free agency preview. I regret that I will have only managed to cover 50% of the league by the time the draft begins tomorrow night. My draft analysis will only cover the first round. I intend to shift the focus of my discussion away from the NFL until the Hall of Fame game in August. With that said let us look at the San Fransisco 49ers. The 49ers have replaced Donte Whitner with Antoine Bethea. Bethea last season was second on the Colts and the leading tackler in the Colts secondary with 110 tackles. Bethea brings similar experience to the position that Whitner did. Overall Bethea is a great pickup to shore up the secondary with Whitner leaving. The 49ers shored up their secondary further by doing a little addition by subtraction. The 49ers let Carlos Rogers go. Rogers was good once but he has lost a step and was prone to getting beat, his release allows players like Tremaine Brock to step up and prove their worth.
Also in the secondary the 49ers have let cornerback Tarrell Brown walk, and are replacing him with former Vikings cornerback Chris Cook. Cook is an upgrade over Brown. In 13 games Brown had 32 tackles an average of 2.4 tackles a game. Cook who only played in 12 games had 41 tackles for a 3.4 average.
The 49ers allowed the oft injured Mario Manningham to re-sign with the New York Giants. Last season Manningham had 9 receptions a 39.1 RR and a 2.1 YACAVG. Manningham spent two injury plagued seasons in San Fransisco. His totals with the 49ers are unimpressive in 18 games he had 51 catches on 80 targets for a RR of 63.7 and 2.8 catch per game average. The 49ers are replacing Manningham with Brandon Lloyd who last played in 2012 for the New England Patriots. In his last season of play Lloyd played 16 games had 74 receptions on 130 targets for a RR of 56.9 and he averaged 4.6 catches a game. For his career Lloyd has proved to be mostly durable in his 11 seasons he has played less then 10 games only 3 times. For his career has a 67.8 RR and is averaging 3 receptions a game. Despite Lloyd having a number of years on Manningham I think Lloyd is a significant upgrade over Manningham.
The 49ers allowed backup quarterback Colt McCoy to sign with Washington as they traded a 6th round pick for Jaguars backup Blaine Gabbert. I suppose it is a wash in terms of stats as the stats are pretty similar, but I would have kept McCoy based on his marginally better stats. McCoy has a 58.3 completion percentage and 2.9 touchdown percentage and a 2.8 interception percentage for a 0.1 TID. Gabbert on the other hand has a 53.3 completion percentage a 2.8 touchdown percentage and 3.0 interception percentage for a -0.2 TID.

Grade: A-