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nfldraftThe analysis for the draft will not have my usual statistical analysis, this will be based on gut feeling and my knowledge of each teams needs and how the pick addresses the teams needs.
Houston Texans- With the 1st pick in the draft the Texans took the presumptive number one pick in DE Jadeveon Clowney (South Carolina). If Clowney is as good as he is reported alongside J.J. Watt the Texans should have the best pass rush in the NFL. Grade: A
St. Louis Rams- With the second pick in the draft the Rams took OT Greg Robinson (Auburn). The Rams needed to upgrade the offensive line to protect Sam Bradford look for Robinson to make an immediate impact. Grade: A
Jacksonville Jaguars- With the third pick the Jaguars took QB Blake Bortles (UCF). The Jaguars need a quarterback, Matt Moore and Chad Henne are not the answer for the future. Bortles should have more upside then Blaine Gabbert. The Jaguars needed a quarterback and Bortles could be the answer Grade: A+
Buffalo Bills- The Bills with the fourth pick took WR Sammy Watkins (Clemson). Watkins who is arguably the best receiver in the draft. The Bills needed to put weapons around their second year quarterback E.J. Manuel and with Watkins they did that Grade: A
Oakland Raiders- With the fifth pick the Raiders took OLB Khalil Mack (Buffalo). The Raiders needed a pass rusher and Mack fills that role. The Raiders needed a lot of holes filled and they could have picked up a linebacker in the second round or traded down for Mack Grade: B+
Atlanta Falcons- With the sixth pick the Falcons upgraded their offensive line with OT Jake Matthews (Texas A&M). This is a good pick after the poor protection Matt Ryan had last season. Grade: A+
Tampa Bay Buccaneers- The Bucs with the seventh pick took WR Mike Evans (Texas A&M). I like this pick because Evans takes pressure off Vincent Jackson which should open up the passing game for McCown and the Bucs.
Cleveland Browns- With the eighth pick in the draft the Browns took CB Justin Gilbert (Oklahoma State). The Browns did need a corner but I think there were better corners in the draft they could have taken, nonetheless it isn’t a bad pick Grade: B
Minnesota Vikings- With the ninth pick the Vikings took LB Anthony Barr, there is no denying the Vikings needed a linebacker but this high in the draft they have bigger problems then linebacker Grade: C
Detroit Lions- With the tenth pick the Lions took TE Eric Ebron (North Carolina). Ebron is an upgrade over Brandon Pettigrew . I’m not sure he was worth the tenth pick overall. Grade: B-
Tennessee Titans- with the eleventh pick the Titans took OT Taylor Lewan (Michigan). For a team that doesn’t have offensive line trouble I think the Titans could have done better. Grade: C
New York Giants- With the twelfth pick the Giants took WR Odell Beckham Jr. (L.S.U.). The Giants needed a receiver alongside Cruz to replace Hakeem Nicks and since Mario Manningham is injury prone. Beckham should be the answer. Grade: A+
St. Louis Rams- With the thirteenth pick and their second of the round they took DT Aaron Donald (Pittsburgh). Donald adds more speed to an already impressive defensive line.
Chicago Bears- With the fourteenth pick the Bears took CB Kyle Fuller (Virginia). The Bears desperately need help in the secondary so this is a good pick. Grade: B+
Pittsburgh Steelers- with the fifteenth pick in the draft took LB Ryan Shazir (Ohio State). The Steelers track record with picking defensive players in the first round gas paid off in spades time and time again. I trust that the Steelers know what they are doing with this pick. Grade: A
Dallas Cowboys- With the sixteenth pick the Cowboys took OT Zack Martin (Notre Dame). The Cowboys desperately need help on the offensive line so this is a very good pick for them. Grade: A-