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St. Louis Rams v Seattle Seahawks
It seems to me that the Seahawks have lost more than they have gained in free agency leading up to the draft. The Seahawks let their number one receiver Golden Tate walk. I think it is a poor gamble to take that Sidney Rice and Percy Harvin will overcome their injury prone ways and be able to stay healthy for an entire season. That would leave the Seahawks with one threat in the passing game Doug Baldwin who last year caught 68.5% of the passes thrown to him. If Harvin and Rice stay healthy then Tate won’t be missed. But that is a big if. The signing of Taylor Price to replace Tate is hardly reassuring Price last played in 2011 and he only played in 5 games 2 in Jacksonville and 3 in New England. He has 6 career games under his belt in four years in the league. He has been targeted 8 times with 5 receptions for an ironic 62.5% RR. Adding another injury prone receiver is not an equitable tradeoff for Tate.
The loss of Brandon Browner and Walter Thurmond aren’t that big of a loss. While the two of them were suspended last season the Seahawks secondary didn’t really miss them and the players who stepped in for them made these two replaceable which softens the blow of Browner going to New England and Thurmond signing with the New York Giants.
On the other hand the loss of Chris Clemons and Clinton McDonald will hurt the Seahawks front seven. Clinton McDonald finished fourth amongst the Seahawks defensive line in tackles with 35 ahead of both Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril the “anchors” of the line. Although he did finish third on the team in sacks behind both Bennett and Avril. Ironically while Clemons finished 6th on the team behind Bennett in tackles but ahead of Avril, he was 4th amongst defensive lineman in sacks.
The Seahawks have added former Raiders cornerback Phillip Adams. Adams has improved in each of his four seasons. Last season he had a career high 30 tackles. He’ll make a decent nickel or dime back but you’d feel safer with Browner and/or Thurmond in those roles.
Overall I think the Seahawks are looking to replace pieces that have moved on through the draft which could be a sound strategy.