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The St. Louis Rams have had a relatively quiet off season. The Rams are a young team with a lot of inexperience who should be able to make a playoff run soon. The Rams have upgraded their backup quarterback position as Shaun Hill replaces Kellen Clemmens. Despite the fact that Shaun Hill didn’t play a single snap last year I like this signing. Clemmens for his career has a 54.5 completion percentage with a 2.4 touchdown percentage and a 3.2 interception percentage for a -0.8 TID. Hill has a 61.9 completion percentage a 4.2 touchdown percentage and a 2.4 interception percentage for a 1.8 TID. Granted Hill is entering his 13th season and Clemmens his 9th, I’ll still take a quarterback with a 1.8 TID over a quarterback with a -0.8 TID everyday of the week.
Kenny Britt is a gamble I think worth taking. Britt entering his 6th season in the league is looking for a fresh start plus he brings experience to the young Rams wide receiving corps. Britt’s career low receiving percentage 31.4 percent is deceiving Britt still has more left in the tank. Britt for his career has 52.5 receiving percentage. If Britt can put the troubles he had in Tennessee behind him then this is good pick up otherwise the Rams will rue this signing.
Alex Carrington is a good signing. I know he only had 10 tackles last season but then he only played six games. In his first four seasons as a backup defensive tackle he has 53 career tackles, he has been averaging 1.2 tackles a game. Remember that Carrington is not being brought in to start.