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Everyone is in an uproar over the racist comments that are being attributed to Donald Sterling the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. There is nothing to get excited about, this sort of thing has happened before. Remember Marge Schott owner of the Cincinnati Reds? She pulled a similar stunt in the mid ’90’s. Major League Baseball suspended her for two years. Eventually due to the fans boycotting the team, she was eventually forced to sell the team a year or two after her reinstatement. Obviously in this day and age the penalty for this sort of unprofessionalism needs to be a lot stiffer then it was then. Sterling will most likely be banned from the team for life. The NBA cannot force Sterling to sell the team. Don’t think that just because Carmax, Staples and Red Bull have already pulled their corporate sponsorships that this is going to force Sterling’s hand. Los Angeles is the second largest market in the United Sates for as many corporate sponsorships as he is going to lose he will have two new ones waiting to replace them. Los Angeles is a large enough market that unless the fan base goes on a serious boycott there are more than enough fans who will fill the seats next season. Unlike Cincinnati which is a small market the loss of corporate sponsorships was more keenly felt. Thus when the fan base decided to boycott the Reds, it hurt hat much more. The fact that this has become a discussion shows that we have forgotten Marge Schott. The fact that the Clippers are the number two team in Los Angeles behind the Lakers don’t think that a minor boycott by the fans will force Sterling to sell. As a matter of fact it wouldn’t surprise me if he held on to the team just to make a point to everyone. Don’t get me wrong what Sterling did was despicable and has no place in professional sports or any other place for that matter, and he should be forced out of any active role he has with the team as well as being banned from the team’s games but don’t expect him to sell like Marge Schott was forced to do. The point is this isn’t a story that needs to be hashed, rehashed and beaten to death we’ve seen it before and we know how this one is going to end so let’s just forget about the bigot he doesn’t deserve our attention.