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On Sunday April 6th the entire world of sports entertainment was shocked right down to its very core. The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania is no more. For years now The Streak and Wrestlemania were synonymous, you couldn’t mention one without the other. Twenty One times The Undertaker came to Wrestemania and won. It came to be that at the end whomever would beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania would have his ticket to the WWE Hall of Fame punched. Sunday night for the first time we saw the unthinkable happen the Undertaker was pinned at Wrestlemania XXX by Brock Lesnar after three F5s.
Millions of people watching at home and the seventy five thousand fans in the Superdome were stunned into silence. Once we found our voices as one we chanted this is bull. If you think about it rationally though it all makes perfect sense.
The fact is the Undertaker hasn’t really been the same since Wrestlemania XXVII, when he left the arena on a stretcher. Wrestlemania XXVIII when he finally returned to beat Triple H after a year long absence was his last good match. It was truly an end of an era match as it was billed. That should have been his last match. When Paul Bearer died (a.k.a. William Moody) it was clear that the only proper send off for him would be The Undertaker against the most irreverent superstar on the roster CM Punk to fight at Wrestlemania XXIX. This again should have been his last match. As much as I love the Undertaker, CM Punk did have to carry him a bit in the match something that had never before happened to the Undertaker.
As Wrestlemania XXX approached there was a problem fans were expecting the Undertaker to defend the streak at Wrestlemania. This put the WWE in a quandary. It was time for Undertaker to retire but at the same time he was still the biggest draw on the card. Bleacher Reports reported two things the day after Wrestlemania that shed light on why the Streak came to an end. The first thing they reported was that the Undertaker picked Brock Lesnar as the man to beat him. The second thing they were reporting was that there was talk that this was Undertaker’s last match.
Now it all made sense to me. When It came time for “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels to retire, they set up a career vs streak match, so that when HBK eventually lost, while fans were saddened to see him retire, they let him go. Now that the streak is over there is no longer an expectation that the Undertaker come back next year to defend his streak. The Undertaker will be 50 years old when Wrestlemania XXXI comes around. While we all want the Undertaker to have gone 22-0, but 21-1 allows fans to let him go and retire.
There is talk of a match between the Undertaker and Sting at Wrestlemania XXXI. It is supposed to be billed as an Icon vs Legend match. This patently ridiculous if that was the case the Undertaker would now be 22-0 at Wrestlemania.
I would also like to say as much as I dislike Brock Lesnar he was the best choice to lose to. Lesnar’s moniker as the Beast Incarnate is an apt one, the only one with the destructive power to defeat the Deadman. Triple H was never the one to end it otherwise he would have at Wrestlemania XXVIII.
This was the last fight of the Deadman, the final walk of the Last Outlaw, the last hurrah of the Phenom and the night before Wrestlemania XXXI the Undertaker will finally rest in peace in the WWE Hall of Fame.
Thank you Undertaker