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NBA: Charlotte Bobcats at New York Knicks
One game after their historic meltdown against the Lakers, the Knicks beat the Kings by eight points. People in Mew York are claiming redemption for the Knicks because they followed a historic defeat with a win. I don’t know what Knick fans are thinking. Firstly the Knicks blew a twenty four point lead, that they won is a miracle because Sacramento closed the gap to two points. Blowing a big lead and hanging on for a win is not redemption. Redemption looks something like winning the final ten games of the season by at least twenty points. Redemption looks like making the playoffs as the eighth seed and taking the Pacers to the full seven games. Redemption doesn’t look like blowing a twenty four point lead it doesn’t look like losses to Phoenix, Golden State and Utah to close out their west coast trip. Redemption looks like every Knick starter has a double-double for the next ten games. Redemption looks like a team that plays like a team with a mission. Redemption doesn’t mean playing twenty four minutes of pro-ball a game and twenty four minutes of college ball a game. Redemption means playing like you mean it for forty eight minutes. The Knicks are a team that is lost and without an identity. They are not defined by their offense because that disappears for long stretches of the game. They certainly can’t be defined by their defense, they play no defense to speak of. This can clearly be seen by their last three games they blow a seventeen point lead in Cleveland and lose by six. They go up eight on the Lakers and then get trashed over the next two quarters 87-50 and lose by thirty. They blow a twenty four point lead against the Kings and they hold on for an eight point win. Where did the offense go in these games? Where did the defense go? Nobody knows, the Knicks certainly don’t. There is no redemption for this Knicks team, they’re not good enough. The only redemption left for them is to get blown up as a team. Sorry fella a single eight point win doesn’t a redemption make.