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The New York Jets have a lot of cap room and have not made many moves. While puzzling I really can’t say that this is surprising from the Jets, they always seem to be out of sync with what a typical Jets fan expects from the team. The first move was the signing of former Seattle Seahawk right tackle Breno Giacomini. This is puzzling because the man he replaces Austin Howard was one of the most consistent linemen the Jets had. Instead they bring a man who is known to get into penalty trouble. He also struggled at times for the Seahawks, so I think being puzzled by this move is completely understandable.
The next move the Jets made is they signed Eric Decker away from the Broncos. Decker’s Reception Ratio of 63.5 was better than Santonio Holmes who was supposed to be the Jets number one receiver who had a 38.9 Reception Ratio. Admittedly Holmes was injured this past season, but his presence in the locker room was so toxic that trying to keep a supposedly healthy Holmes just isn’t worth it. The Jets top two receivers for the Jets last year Jeremy Kerley and David Nelson had 59.7 and a 60.0 Reception Ratio were respectable. There were two problems though Nelson who only averaged 3.05 yards after catch, and Kerley had a more respectable 4.32 average, while respectable still not good enough to be a number one receiver. Decker on the other hand averaged 4.64 yards after catch, combined with his reception ratio makes him the clear number one on this team. Holmes 5.60 yards after catch average isn’t enough to make it worthwhile to keep him so kudos to the Jets for getting rid of him.
The rumors that the Jets before Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie signed with Giants gave him a low ball offer is puzzling especially since they didn’t try very hard to re-sign Antonio Cromartie who has departed for the Arizona Cardinals. Admittedly Cromartie had a bad year but he is still better on a bad day than having Dee Milliner anchoring your team at the cornerback position. The Jets really bungled that one unless they think Milliner has a much larger upside than he showed last year and they have their eye on a game changer in the draft.
The signing of Michael Vick is puzzling to me. Vick is injury prone and commits turnovers. Mark Sanchez is durable and commits turnovers, so who pushes Geno Smith more, Vick or Sanchez. It must be pointed out though that Sanchez is coming off major shoulder surgery. I don’t buy that Vick can mentor Smith because Vick is not a good pocket passer, something Smith needs to learn. Sanchez may not be a mentor either but he’s a better pocket passer than Vick. So bringing in a broken down quarterback to push your young quarterback is puzzling when you have a younger quarterback who can do a better job pushing your second year quarterback. I understand Jets fans have tired of Sanchez but from a football standpoint bringing Vick to the Jets makes no sense. Then if they made moves that made sense they wouldn’t be the Jets.