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The New York Knicks with twelve games to play in a weak Eastern Conference with a 29-41 record were a mere two games behind the Atlanta Hawks for eighth and final playoff spot. Last night they started a five game west coast road trip against the fourth worst team in the league the Los Angles Lakers with a 23-46 record. The Lakers were playing with out the only bona fide star that has started for them with any regularity this season Pau Gasol. Their other two stars Kobe Bryant has played six games all season while Steve Nash has played in eleven. The Lakers best scorer at 17.1 points per game wasn’t even one their starters. This was a game that the Knicks shouldn’t have lost, and at the end of the first quarter with a 22-14 lead it looked like they wouldn’t. What happened next makes the loss to Cleveland in which they blew a seventeen point lead in the final three minutes seem like a victory. In the next two quarters they got blown out 87-51 you may as well have been watching Baylor destroy Creighton, although I think Creighton played better then the Knicks, since they were grossly overmatched against Baylor, but I digress. They took an eight point lead into the second quarter and entered the fourth quarter down by twenty eight points and lost by thirty one points 127-96. To call that a disgrace is an understatement a gross understatement. The Knicks were incompetent on defense. The Lakers have had some of the greatest teams in NBA history and they never scored fifty one points in a quarter, and by the same token the Knicks had never given up fifty one points in a quarter. That this bunch of Lakers was able to put up fifty one points in a quarter is a despicable showing. Phil Jackson should donate the players and coaches salaries from last night to charity. Jackson should have the entire roster in street clothes for the final eleven games. The Knicks developmental league players should get to play these final eleven games. They may stink, they may lose but they’ll play hard. I think at this point many Knicks fans believe that the only way to turn things around is start over from scratch and that means letting Carmelo Anthony and the rest of the team walk. I honestly think that Knicks fans would be very upset if Jackson doesn’t do precisely just that. 87-51 in two quarters that is a bad college game, it is absolutely unacceptable at the Pro level. It would be a black day for the NBA indeed if this Knicks team makes the playoffs.