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The New York Jets recently signed former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick to compete with Geno Smith for the starting job. A lot of Jets fans are outraged by this because of all things his entanglement with dogfighting. Firstly Vick has paid his debt to society so get off his back. Secondly even if that isn’t good enough for you remember this you don’t have to like him but he makes your team better. True he isn’t the player he was, he makes mistakes and he is injury prone but he is an upgrade over Geno Smith. Alex Rodriguez is now hated by many Yankee fans and they want him to just go away. Not one Yankee fan will tell you that if A-Rod wasn’t suspended that they wouldn’t want him in the lineup. Every one will tell you that the A-Rod of today who has lost a step and is injury prone is better than whomever the Yankees are fielding at third base this season. You don’t have to buy any Jets merchandise with Vick’s name on it, by all means boycott him to make yourself feel better. But cut the anger and the outrage at Vick because he was convicted for dogfighting. You want to be upset about the signing, be upset because Vick would make a poor mentor to Geno Smith. Be upset because Vick won’t be able to stay healthy and Smith is going to have put the offense on his shoulders. Hate Michael Vick personally but remember Jets management doesn’t care that you are still outraged by what Vick did. I am not minimizing the severity or how morally depraved his actions were and I applaud you for your personal hatred of the man. Don’t mix your personal hatred of a player with your understanding that as a football move this is not necessarily a bad move. So if you forgive Vick or you don’t, remember your personal feelings about him as a human being are irrelevant Fella!