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NFL: Green Bay Packers at New York Giants

The Giants have had a pretty good offseason so far. They have added some key pieces in the secondary but watched as two of their top guys on the defensive line left via free agency.
Rashad Jennings proved he was a solid threat in Oakland and should continue to be one in New York as he platoons with David Wilson.
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Walter Thurmond these two give the Giants secondary a sorely needed boost with Thurmond or Amukamara in the nickel this is could be a dangerous secondary indeed.
Trindon Holiday is simply a good signing true he has had fumble issues but this is the team that cured Tiki Barber of his fumbling issues. Frankly the Giants need someone to energize the return game, which has been flat mostly since Ron Dixon fizzled out. Besides this is a Giants team in need off playmakers and Trindon Holliday is playmaker.
Mario Manningham comes back to the Giants after two injury plagued seasons with the 49ers. Here is why I think that although maybe the Giants should have made an effort to keep Nicks, Manningham is the better option. In 2010-2011 the last two seasons they played together, there are two stats that jump out at you where Manningham’s value rises and Nick’s drops. Nick’s Reception/TD Ratio was 11.6 to 13.1 for Manningham and Nicks only averaged 1.9 yards after catch to Manningham’s 4.49. The down side is Manningham has been not played a full season since 2010, if he can stay healthy this could turn out to be very beneficial for Eli Manning.
Jameel McClain is a good sign with Beason and Paysinger as the other linebackers McClain bolsters what was a thin a linebacking corps last year.
In 2013 Hakeem Nicks had 56 receptions and caught 55% of the passes thrown to him. which is a shade below his career average entering 2013 of 58%. On the surface it seems Nicks had an average year. The problem is those numbers are slightly deceptive, because Hakeem Nicks never found the endzone in 2013. This after his scoring production slipped to three scores in 2012 after scoring 11 in 2010 and 7 in 2011. The trouble with Nicks is the Giants don’t have enough playmakers to continue holding onto a receiver that just can’t find the endzone a .02 Reception/TD Ratio over two years just isn’t acceptable. Maybe Nicks can rejuvenate his career in Indianapolis but this looks like a solid move.
Justin Tuck has gone to the Raiders. Tuck has slowed down in recent years and injuries and age are taking its toll, yes he’s a good defensive end and has been a great Giant, but I can’t fault the Giants for not wanting to take such a large cap hit.
Linval Joseph, this departure leaves a hole in the middle of the defensive line.I don’t see any of the two second year guys starting alongside Cullen Jenkins so unless the Giants have a real bona fide target that they think they could get for equal or lesser value this was not a good move.