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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Denver Broncos
To continue our analysis of the Broncos off-season. Let us take a look at the following three transactions.
Trindon Holliday- an explosive return man to be sure. Don’t get me wrong explosive is what you need in the return game. The only problem is Holliday has trouble holding onto the ball. This led to him being replaced n the turn game by Eric Decker. So letting him walk and sign with the New York Giants is a good move. Now admittedly the Giants are gaining the explosive return man they haven’t had since Dave Megget but they also get a man who is going to kill them with special teams turnovers.
Emmanuel Sanders- is he a better receiver than Eric Decker let’s take a look Decker in 62 has been targeted 363 times with 222 receptions for 3,070 yards, averaging 7.2 yards a reception. Emmanuel Sanders in 56 games has been targeted 278 times with 161 receptions for 2,030 yards averaging 7.9 yards a catch. Decker has a 61% catch to target ratio vs a 58% catch to target ratio for Sanders. Let’s remember though Decker has been catching for Peyton Manning for the last two years, so his numbers are up vis a vis the rest of the league. This isn’t a knock against Decker. I give Sanders the edge here though for one reason his higher yards per reception avg. True the difference is only .7 yards but I think that was enough of a difference that the Broncos preferred Sanders to Decker, because they never even made Decker an offer. All in all I think Sanders is an upgrade over Decker but not significantly that I think they shouldn’t have brought back Decker, with that said I think this was a good signing.
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie- I think it was a mistake letting him walk. Rodgers-Cromartie was ranked 5th amongst all cornerbacks this past season. That aside I think Champ Bailey is better suited now to the nickel or the dime packages. DRC and Talib would have made a great starting tandem at cornerback. Now Bailey is once again thrust into a role that he is no longer suited to play. I’ll say it again Bailey has had a great career, but at this stage in his career he is better suited as a nickel or dime back. I’m disappointed that the Broncos let him walk, the Broncos loss is the New York Giants gain.
Knowshon Moreno despite rumors that he might sign with the Dolphins is still unsigned, I still think he should be re-signed he and Monte Ball made a good running tandem in 2013. With that said the apparent non interest in Moreno is probably because they think Ball can join the plethora of running backs dating back to Terrell Davis through Knowshon Moreno who were all 1,000 yard rushers.
Don’t get me wrong I still think the Broncos are having a terrific off-season. They are after all my third favourite team in the NFL. Believe me when I say that I’m not towel waving when I give this grade.
Grade: A-