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NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks
Did Richard Sherman commit such heinous crime with his comments to Erin Andrews after the NFC Championship Game about Michael Crabtree? Yes, Yes he did. Here is why: Richard Sherman deflected the ball. If it falls incomplete it is second down and San Fransisco has three more shots to try for the endzone. Furthermore it was not Richard Sherman who intercepted the ball. So now in his comments he takes full credit for a play in which he only deserves half the credit. I’m not taking anything away from the play Richard Sherman made. Michael Crabtree had Richard Sherman beat on the play, this means Sherman was out of position on the play. Sherman had to make a great play to get in there to deflect that pass. With that said it is still only second down if Malcolm Smith doesn’t intercept that ball. So yes taking credit for a play he needed help to make is arrogant and he looks like a jackass for not sharing the credit with the man who actually sealed the win, his name was Malcolm Smith not Richard Sherman. Secondly he sounds like a sore winner. People don’t like sore losers either but the only thing that people hate more than sore losers are sore winners. It is classless and distasteful and a disgrace to his team and the NFL.

On the other side of the fence people want to say it was the heat of the moment give him a break. I’ve listened to many post game interviews and I have never heard that classlessness from any of them. I don’t buy the heat of the moment argument because you know what he is a professional and he should remember that. The schoolyard smack doesn’t belong in the NFL and if you’re gonna talk smack on the field, leave it there because while talking to the media the code word is professionalism.