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Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies
Jonathan Papelbon spoke with the Philadelphia media yesterday and more or less and I’m paraphrasing here that if the Phillies are competing for a playoff spot he’ll give it his all but if they are 12 games out then he just won’t be able to give it his all. This is a guy who has won a World Series all be it with Boston, and is set to make $13 million for the 2014 season. You would think a man with a World Series title under his belt would have a better attitude.Phillies fans are understandably kind of pissed at him at the moment. Mind you he has done nothing to endear himself to Phillies fans as it is. This goes way beyond calling your opponent a loser in a post game interview. This guy has basically told Phillies fans if this team struggles I’m checking out. This is not only classless this is down right embarrassing and disgraceful.
To Jonathan Papelbon I have this to say: You are a professional act like one. Secondly I would like to congratulate you on the end of your career, Your bad attitude and your even poorer choice of words have ensured three things 1. No matter what you do over the course of the next two seasons Phillies fans will hate your guts 2. You will be a member of the Philadelphia Phillies for the next two years because you no longer have any trade value even if you have a decent season. 3. This is your last contract. Good luck finding a team that wants to sign you with your toxic bad attitude that no one wants in their clubhouse. Lastly I would like to wish and congratulate you on a happy and permanent retirement from baseball after the 2015 season. Good Luck Fella!