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The good news is Alex Rodriguez has dropped his lawsuit against Major League Baseball and the Players Union. Here is the thing when this whole thing started a lot of people were bashing A-Rod for filing suit. Many callers on Mike’s On with Mike Francesa on WFAN were calling up to say that A-Rod had no grounds for the suit and that MLB was justified in paying for testimony that was heard by the arbitrator, who in fact works for Major League Baseball. I hate to say this since I’m an A-Rod basher myself. The guy was railroaded by Major League Baseball and there is absolutely nothing wrong about suing the company you work for when they railroad you. With that said I am and was completely okay with the fact that the MLB railroaded him. I have never liked the guy not even in his Texas Rangers days, and I am glad to see him go down for the 2014 season. I also hope that this gives the New York Yankees the incentive to buy out his contract, which is a death knell for his career. A-Rod has not been healthy of late and as such at his age few teams would want to take a chance on him. Never mind the fact that no team wants the media circus that would follow him, just look at Tim Tebow. Furthermore the argument that Bud Selig is trying to create a legacy at the expense of the only superstar in the league from the Steroid Era and want to bash the commissioner as being unfair to A-Rod. You know what you are right, it isn’t fair.
In summary what MLB pulled against A-Rod is legally murky at best. They absolutely railroaded the last superstar of the Steroid Era. At the end of the day I don’t care A-Rod is gone for 2014 and hopefully beyond.